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NT LanDesign Pty Ltd

Landscape Architects

GPO Box 1015

Darwin NT 0801


Welcome to
NT LanDesign Pty Ltd
Landscape Architects in Tropical Climate Design.

Landscape Designs to meet client needs, integrating function with visual aesthetics.


Landscape design will add value to your property aesthetically, functionally and financially.

Design is a co-operative evolution between you, the Client and the Landscape Architect.


Our Firm designs landscapes for outdoor areas, large or small, including:

  • Parks, recreation areas and sports facilities.
  • Residential areas from the single residence to new residential developments.
  • Shopping Centres and pedestrian areas.
  • Commercial Centres.
  • Corporate institutional centres.
  • Educational institutions.
  • Industrial areas.
  • Streetscape and Highway landscapes.
  • Heritage landscapes

Design can include:

  • Development of a landscape design Brief establishing your requirements.
  • Developing design drawings and documentation to allow construction. This may include plant relocation/removal plans, grading plans, paths/paving/pool/outdoor furniture plans, planting plans including plant species with locations, construction details and a Landscape Specification.

We can recommend Landscape Contractors capable of doing the work and if required, assist in tender assessment and manage the selected Contractor and contract to meet time schedules and budgets.

As Landscape Architects, we can work with your project team as a specialist Consultant or as the Principal Consultant to organise a professional team for the project.


If we can be of assistance with your project, please contact our office.